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One show off the list...

Warning: Spoilers for American Idol behind the cut!
I'm really, really not a reality TV person. I mean, if you enjoy it, great - I just don't. This season I've been watching American Idol for the first time because I vaguely know one of the contestants, Katie Stevens. We're from the same very small town, our brothers were in the same class in school, her family goes to my family's church, etc. Anyway, she made it into the top nine and the whole town was delighted. I went home for Easter and there were signs all over the place. It was really neat. Last night, though, she was finally voted off. On the one hand, I'm sad for her, but on the other, wow. I am so glad I can stop watching this show.

And that's good, because I made a spreadsheet of how many episodes I have to watch of each show I'm watching or trying to catch up on, and - well, let's say that if I watched an average of one episode more than I record each day, I wouldn't catch up until next March 27. Ha. We'll see how that goes. And that's mostly summer shows, so House, say, isn't even on the list, and I'm only a few episodes into that.

This this with the Russian adoptions is insane. I mean, I think Russia is pretty much being reasonable here. This is just insane:
"Artyom, who was named Justin by his adoptive American mother, arrived in Moscow last week after flying by himself from Washington. He presented the authorities with a note from his adoptive mother in which she said she could no longer handle him."
She put a child on a plane to a foreign country without, I don't know, telling anyone? Having some sort of plan? What? Did he make it through customs by himself? The mind boggles. Oh, another article says she found someone on the Internet to pick him up. STILL. Crazy.

Once again, I wish I did not have to go to my writing group tonight. I say this basically every time, to the point where I start to wonder if I should drop out of the group. But I think it's good for me. Sigh.



Apr. 15th, 2010 06:54 pm (UTC)
I'm so behind on my tivo! I can't ever remember a time since I left college that I watched this many shows. Not that all of them are good; some I just stick with, because I started.

Seriously, I think this is almost sick at this point. I've got The Daily Show and Colbert which I try to catch up on every weekend. I'm at least an episode behind on The Good Wife, Brothers & Sisters, Breaking Bad, and In Plain Sight (oh and Real Time with Bill Maher, but since that was a special I might not watch it). Then I just started tivoing the new show, Treme, but I'm definately not going to start watching it yet. On top of all that, Royal Pains is coming back soon!