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Glee. And stuff.

(Vague Glee spoilers below.)

I have to admit that I was a little underwhelmed by Glee last night. I mean, it was an enjoyable hour of TV, and had some great moments, but - well, any episode in which Matthew Morrison doesn't really sing leaves me feeling cheated, I suppose. And Quinn and Puck were barely there. Schue's actions with Emma and Idina Menzel didn't upset me as Really, I think after recent events on Gossip Girl and Bones, I don't have it in me to bring myself to actually care much about the couples on Glee.

Although! One moment that was absolutely epic: the boys dressed like the Beatles to sing "Hello Goodbye." Someone should make an icon of that. Thank you.

We had a big discussion of cilantro at lunch yesterday, and then there was an article on cilantro in the Times, so this morning I was wanting it so much that I just ate chips and salsa and guac for breakfast. And? Delicious!

I am wearing a plain gray dress but with bright purple tights and a red hoodie, because I am not feeling this Wednesday thing so far, and hopefully the bright colors will help.

"Lord Voldemort" and "Fire Nancy Pelosi" started following me on Twitter within minutes of each other last night. Um?

This was all ridiculously boring. Anyone have a more exciting Wednesday going?



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Apr. 14th, 2010 02:06 pm (UTC)
That was GREAT last night with "Glee" and I LOVED seeing the boys dressed in the early Beatles suits!!! <3 I'm a HUGE Beatles fan and I loved their cover of "Hello Goodbye"!!! :D Also, Sue's video of "Vogue" was AMAZING!!! :D Had no idea Jane Lynch could sing that well!!! :D
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